Thursday, January 24, 2019

Driving lessons Northwich

Northwich has its own test center positioned of Moss Lane in a quiet residential area.Test routes involve a variety of roads,including town,dual carriageway and country lanes.The A556 dual carriageway features and you will be expected to get the car up towards 60mph where appropriate.The speed limits can switch between 50 mpg,60 mph and 70 mph so you have to be aware but 60 mph will be quick enough for the examiners.The town center can be approached from various directions but the Leicester Street junction roundabout is generally avoided as can cause confusion even for experienced drivers.Country lane routes can go up towards Acton Bridge so concentration is required to look out for a change in speed limits and bend warning signs so you dont arrive too fast into a corner.You may be asked to do a bay park but only forward as they do not have dedicated bays at the car park.Your driving lessons in Northwich will cover all aspects of driving so you will be ready for your test and safe when you pass.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Automatic driving lessons Altrincham

Amba Driving School are pleased to announce the expansion of our automatic driving lessons in Altrincham.David has joined the team and with a Mercedes A Class,its a very nice car to learn in.The demand for automatic is increasing with people realising there is no significant downside to learning in a automatic.Of course you cant legally drive a manual car if you pass your test in an automatic but what does that matter if you are going to be driving an automatic anyway?The world is changing and with developments in electric and hybrid technology which use automatic transmissions,manual will become obsolete.The biggest benefit of learning in an automatic is its ease.No clutch worries and you only need to use 1 foot! You will normally need less lessons as well.Please get in contact with Amba to book your Automatic driving lessons in Altrincham,Knutsford,Sale and Urmston areas.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Automatic driving lessons.

Automatic driving lessons are becoming increasingly popular and its easy to see why.The biggest attraction for automatic is the ease of use.No need to worry about changing gear or using a clutch.Just select Drive and off you go.The left foot is redundant and the right foot is used to both brake and accelerate.As its easier then you should need fewer driving lessons although automatic lessons tend to be a little more expensive.Even so,it will still work out cheaper than the manual alternative.Advances in car technology mean that some automatic cars can actually be cheaper to run as electronics take over and change the gear at the optimum moment to save fuel.Electric cars are also becoming more popular and they too are automatic.There is now a greater selection of smaller automatic cars on the market which never used to be the case with most car manufactures offering small automatic models.It may not be with us completely just yet,but automatic is the future.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Crash courses in Manchester

Crash courses or Intensive driving courses are a quick way to pass your driving test.Courses range between 5 hours and 45 hours depending on your level of experience.The course can be completed over as many days as the pupil requires or feels comfortable with.They dont always have to be squeezed in to a set number of days.One of the real benefits of doing it intensively is to find a quick test date.Normal waiting times can be months but with an intensive course,cancellation tests are sourced and then booked as close to the course finish date as possible.This is provided by your crash course provider.Intensive courses tend to be a little more expensive but normally will include the test fee as well and can be a good investment if your in a hurry to pass.At Amba Driving School we provide a range of intensive courses in the Manchester area.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Driving lessons in Urmston

Urmston is a great location when learning to drive.There are lots of quiet roads which lend them selves to beginners.Your nearest test centre is Sale and some of the test routes venture to the outskirts of Urmston before returning back to Sale via the A556 at Stretford Arndale, or Davyhulme Road which is a little further up towards Manchester.The test centre is only 15mins from the centre of Urmston so there is no problem with familiarisng yourself with the test area.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Crash courses in Altrincham

Crash courses or Intensive courses at Amba range between 5 and 45 hour in length.There is also the guaranteed pass which does what it says and means you will pass with plenty of lessons and retests available.If your looking to do a crash course from Altrincham then Sale is your nearest test centre closely followed by West Didsbury.Remember you will need to have the time available to do the course which can be condensed into days or weeks with a quick pass test booked close to the end of the course.Please get in touch if your unsure which course to choose.Check out 5 star Google reviews.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Choosing a crash course

Once you have decided an intensive course is for you,then the next thing is to choose a suitable course.These can range from 5 hour to 45 hour and even a guaranteed pass where you a pay a premium amount but can have as many attempts as you want combined with a high number of lessons.Courses are then taken in days depending on the length of course and a cancellation test will be booked as close to the course finishing.This is usually the same week or following week but does depend on DVSA test availability.At Amba,our website has a breakdown of courses and there suitability.If your still unsure of a suitable course then please call and we will be happy to help.