Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Choosing a crash course

Once you have decided an intensive course is for you,then the next thing is to choose a suitable course.These can range from 5 hour to 45 hour and even a guaranteed pass where you a pay a premium amount but can have as many attempts as you want combined with a high number of lessons.Courses are then taken in days depending on the length of course and a cancellation test will be booked as close to the course finishing.This is usually the same week or following week but does depend on DVSA test availability.At Amba,our website has a breakdown of courses and there suitability.If your still unsure of a suitable course then please call and we will be happy to help.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Driving Lessons Altrincham

Anyone living in the Altrincham area uses the Sale test centre.West Didsbury is also an option but Sale is the closest.The roads in Altrincham lend themselves very well when it comes to learning to drive with areas in Bowdon and Hale Barns being particulary suitable.Sale test centre is 10 to 15 mins away from Altrincham so its close enough to head over and experience some of the test routes.Waiting times for tests can be 2 months so its worth getting through your theory test as quick as possible so you can book a driving test.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Is a crash course the right option for me

Intensive driving courses or crash courses as they are also known offer a quick route to passing your driving test but they are not suitable for everyone.Availability is important,you will need to be available to take the course which can last between 1 and 8 days depending on your level of experience and then available to take a short notice test.Crash courses tend not to be suitable for those studying full time due to the flexibility required.It works best for those in work, at university or have time on their hands.They can also be hard work due to the compact nature but if your in a hurry to pass then its a good option.