Thursday, October 25, 2018

Automatic driving lessons Altrincham

Amba Driving School are pleased to announce the expansion of our automatic driving lessons in Altrincham.David has joined the team and with a Mercedes A Class,its a very nice car to learn in.The demand for automatic is increasing with people realising there is no significant downside to learning in a automatic.Of course you cant legally drive a manual car if you pass your test in an automatic but what does that matter if you are going to be driving an automatic anyway?The world is changing and with developments in electric and hybrid technology which use automatic transmissions,manual will become obsolete.The biggest benefit of learning in an automatic is its ease.No clutch worries and you only need to use 1 foot! You will normally need less lessons as well.Please get in contact with Amba to book your Automatic driving lessons in Altrincham,Knutsford,Sale and Urmston areas.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Automatic driving lessons.

Automatic driving lessons are becoming increasingly popular and its easy to see why.The biggest attraction for automatic is the ease of use.No need to worry about changing gear or using a clutch.Just select Drive and off you go.The left foot is redundant and the right foot is used to both brake and accelerate.As its easier then you should need fewer driving lessons although automatic lessons tend to be a little more expensive.Even so,it will still work out cheaper than the manual alternative.Advances in car technology mean that some automatic cars can actually be cheaper to run as electronics take over and change the gear at the optimum moment to save fuel.Electric cars are also becoming more popular and they too are automatic.There is now a greater selection of smaller automatic cars on the market which never used to be the case with most car manufactures offering small automatic models.It may not be with us completely just yet,but automatic is the future.