Thursday, January 24, 2019

Driving lessons Northwich

Northwich has its own test center positioned of Moss Lane in a quiet residential area.Test routes involve a variety of roads,including town,dual carriageway and country lanes.The A556 dual carriageway features and you will be expected to get the car up towards 60mph where appropriate.The speed limits can switch between 50 mpg,60 mph and 70 mph so you have to be aware but 60 mph will be quick enough for the examiners.The town center can be approached from various directions but the Leicester Street junction roundabout is generally avoided as can cause confusion even for experienced drivers.Country lane routes can go up towards Acton Bridge so concentration is required to look out for a change in speed limits and bend warning signs so you dont arrive too fast into a corner.You may be asked to do a bay park but only forward as they do not have dedicated bays at the car park.Your driving lessons in Northwich will cover all aspects of driving so you will be ready for your test and safe when you pass.